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Lawrence J. Ross Jr
San Diego, CA
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Grand Master "Iron" Kim Style
School of Oom Yung Doe
Arts for
tremendous mental and physical
strength and health

Chung Moo Doe/Oom Yung Doe

2008 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar
2008 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar, Warner Springs, CA
2006 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar
2006 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar (week 1), Warner Springs, CA
2005 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar
2005 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar, Warner Springs, CA
2004 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar
2004 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar, Coronado, CA
2002 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar 2002 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar
2002 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar, San Diego, CA
2001 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar
2001 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar
2001 Weeklong Moo Doe Seminar, Glenwood Springs, CO

Square Dancing (www.sqrdance.org)

"We are the Whirled!" - bumper sticker

Round Dancing (www.rnddance.org)

lists of calls

(call definitions through Challenge, with animations)
NNJSDA Western Square Dancing
(S. CA)
San Diego
Square Dance Association
(new domain)

(old location)
SDSDA webmaster stuff
Square Dance Association
Square Dancing in San Diego CA
Square Dance Classes in the San Diego area
58th National Square Dance Convention®
Long Beach, CA - 2009
Clubs Ruffles & Beaus
Sundays, Casa del Prado
Balboa Park, San Diego
Lynn's Square Dance Page
(Central & Southern CA)
2nd & 4th Fridays
"The Barn", San Marcos
46th California State Square Dance Convention
April 15, 16 & 17, 2005
Balboa Park, San Diego
Happy Feet
Round Dance Club
(Peter Gomez)

Tip Toppers
Round Dance Club

(Bill & Linda Maisch)
(Radka & Steve Sandeman)
(Bill & Carol Goss)
Dancing Shadows
(Rey Garza)
Round Dancing - an Instruction Manual
Round Dance Cue Lists
(local version)
CA Cities w/ Dancing
Round Dance Cue Sheets
Gert-Jan & Susie Rotscheid
gjrotsch - directory

top 15 dances
(on urdc site)
rogerward.com crda Kropf
round-dance.de Rockin' R's archive Round Dances
written by Canadians

Locations or Sites for Cue Sheets
Salsa Dance cuer web sites
Ron & Ree Rumble
Curt & Tammy Worlock
George & Pamela Hurd
(with cue sheets)
Square Dancing in Bergen Cty
Square Dancing on Cape Cod
SEMCA Club list
Southeastern Massachusetts Coordinating Association
Dennis, MA
Nautical Twirlers
Bourne, MA
Square Dance Clubs in Bergen County, NJ & vicinity
Circle 8's
Haworth, NJ
Paramus, NJ
Western Wheelers
Oradell, NJ
Hi Taw Twirlers
Bergenfield, NJ
Belles & Beaux
Glen Rock, NJ
West Nyack, NY
Square Dance Clubs on NNJSDA.org
Contra Dance
San Diego Folk Heritage Contra Dance schedule
National Square Dance Convention
(Anaheim, CA)
June 2001
Happy Feet
Round Dance Party
(Prom Night)
May 30, 2002
Cape Cod
July 2002
Ruffles & Beaus
October 2002
Kate Nielsen (klprn)
January 1964 - March 2007
Wranglers Hustler Rustler
November 2004
Calico Twirlers
December 2004
Viki Stroede
October 1, 1954-July 2, 2012
January 2005
Palm Springs
September 2009

Ross family tree phone numbers Arabella Helen personal pictures Family Pictures Ed Wrench Desiderada
Monarch Butterflies Web Site(www.shuntington.k12.ny.us)
Jonathan's Teacher (Mrs Ferrara) put this on the school website. It's their projects on Monarch Butterflies - all prompted by our bringing in the butterflies we were hatching this summer. We had a wonderful time sharing our new knowledge of Monarch's with Jonathan's class and this is what they did with it...
Monarch Butterfly

I see orange
I see black
I see white

Soaring down on a milkweed plant
Dropping eggs


Jonathan's Monarch picture
the Monarch ButterflyBye Butterfly!
Cape Cod 2002 (directory)
Slide Show (not recommended for dial up connections)
All photos on a web page Jack at Cape Cod
Cape Cod 2003 Cape Cod 2004 Cape Cod 2005 Cape Cod 2006 Cape Cod 2007 Cape Cod 2008
Mom's trip to Antarctica
(will take a long time to load)
Mom's Trip to the Galapagos
Some of her pictures
Daily Reports
(Day-by-day Itinerary)
Cystic Fibrosis Info
Cystic fibrosis
CysticFibrosis.com Ask NOAH About:
Cystic Fibrosis
About Cystic Fibrosis
(CF Web)
Cystic Fibrosis
Scientific American,
December, 1995
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  Cystic Fibrosis
Index of On-Line Resources

ITT A/CD San Diego, CA
ITT A/CD San Diego, CA
ITT Corporate

Visor/Palm Pilot Resources
www.palm.com www.handspring.com
( home of the Visor)
www.palmgear.com www.zdnet.com/ TUCOWS
www.palmcentral.com www.palmstation.com www.memoware.com www.nearlymobile.com links
pdb file format Pilot DAT-Format (English) prc-formats staroffice (for unix)

Here are some useful sites:

Interesting Sites

Multiple Sclerosis Info ( )

Virus Stuff


Work Stuff
ITT Industries Recent ITT Industries stock quote (courtesy of Yahoo)
JCT's domain Work Related
New Unofficial
JCT Home Page

Other Interesting Things

Flight Info
JetBlue Continental Continental
Site Index
NorthWest Southwest
Rental Cars
Hertz Avis Enterprise Thrifty Alamo National Budget Dollar National
Travel Sites
Travelocity Orbitz Expedia
Modem Info
MaxTech US Robotics
Buy PCs on the Web
(Square Cows)
Dell Insight CompUSA NEC Micron
Syquest Iomega
Year 2000 Info
Georgia Tech
Year 2000
Millenium Bug:
CS Term Paper
y2k.com year2000.com RighTime.com Info For
Real People
Metacrawler (multiple search engines simultaneously!)
Webcrawler InfoSeek HotBot AltaVista(*best*) Excite Yahoo Google MSN Search.com
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Web Site Hosting Info
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HTML Stuff
HTML elements NCSA's
Beginner's Guide
World Wide Web
Publishing Hints
JavaScript Info
Frames Info
CNET Frames
Intro to Java
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Intro to Java
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Intro to Java
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html code tutorial Meta tags
what, where, when, why?
Dictionary of meta tags WebMonkey!
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